Radio Vs. Voiceover

  You’re a radio presenter. You work with your voice every day. So you’ll be able to do voiceover work no problem, right?   WRONG. You idiot.  Maybe I’m being...

Top Turn-Offs For Producers

  Producers.   The mysterious, studio-dwelling, sunlight-starved, mole folk who keep the industry chugging along.   Think of them like the dwarves in Lord Of The Rings. Hard working, sometimes...

The 5 Best Microphones For Your Home Studio

  If you want to start recording your voiceover sessions from home, then choosing the right microphone is one of the most important decisions you will make. This is THE...

You’re allowed to have fun, y’know?

  Voiceover work should be fun.   Some Voiceover artists seem to be afraid of fun, as if somehow the script they’re reading, flogging cheap tiles in Basildon, might one day solve...

Welcome To The Voice Finder

  Welcome to The Voice Finder’s super duper brand new blog!   We ideally wanted to shower you each individually with confetti to convey our excitement, but apparently Apple have not...