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June 30, 2017
Ok, so maybe you’re thinking of becoming a Voiceover Artist. Maybe your friends down the pub, or some parents at the school gates, have told you your voice should be in adverts. Maybe your deep baritone voice lulls babies and small animals to sleep. Well, then the next question you might have is this:
“How much do people really use Voiceovers?”

The short answer is “loads”, however we appreciate that may not be quite enough information to satiate you number-geeks out there (we’re looking at you, Kevin). So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some industry insights that prove there is plenty to go around when it comes to the world of Voiceovers.



People tend to think that radio is a dying industry, what with the likes of Spotify and other on-demand music services, however that’s just not true.
Commercial radio reaches 89% of UK adults every week. That’s roughly 48.2 MILLION people! And perhaps more importantly, it’s the same percentage as it was in 1999, when these other music services were just the dreams of the children yet to invent them.
As for the advertising itself, well, The Radiocentre found that for radio advertising has an ROI of £7.70 for every £1 spent. Think about that as an investment for a second!
That means that not only is commercial radio alive and well in the UK, but it’s actually a really effective way for businesses to advertise, especially smaller, more local businesses. This is great news for you, as every single one of those adverts played on your favourite commercial stations will need a voiceover – perhaps two or three – and with a profile on The Voice Finder, the next ad could well incorporate your vivacious vocals.


After a dip in popularity, TV advertising is now back on the rise as well – and you thought TV and radio were things of the past? I bet you feel silly now! With on-demand services in the video field as well as music, the game has changed, but TV stations have found a way to integrate their standard TV advertising into their streaming platforms.
When you include on-demand viewing, commercial TV reaches 91.9% of the UK every week. That’s a huge amount of people, and it means that the average broadcast TV ad campaign gets 237 million views.
That’s all very well, I hear you cry, but what about the money? Well, brace yourselves. A whopping £5.28 Billion was invested in TV advertising in 2016, and that’s up 0.2% from the year before. In 2017, it’s forecast to grow by another 1.6%. Just think how many adverts that equates to. Just think how many of them need voiceovers!


Now we get to the new age stuff – the adverts of the future, where hover boards are already old news and musicians have been replaced by robots.
Online video is a huge platform for advertisers, and therefore for you as a voiceover too. YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year, and it’s not surprising when you see how effective online videos can be.
A video on your website, just like the lovely one we have on our home page, can increase conversions on a website by a whopping 80%. They keep people on a site for longer, increasing the chance of someone making a purchase or using a service. That’s why 87% of marketers use video content.
Compared to TV advertising, these online videos are much cheaper to produce due to the licensing involved, which means that as a voiceover you’re likely to see a steady diet of these sorts of jobs.

So let’s revisit your initial question (which you may or may not have asked): “How much do people really use Voiceovers?”
The short answer still stands. Loads.
Markerters and advertisers use voiceover all over their projects, from radio, to TV, to online and more! Total advertising spend in the UK is forecast to be £21.8 billion in 2017. Don’t you want a slice of that pie?
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