• I really am loving the site. It’s just absolutely perfect in terms of user friendliness and 11/10 for service!

    Rick Loynes (Award Winning Producer at Wireless Group)
  • The creative production landscape is changing and we all have to move with the times, The Voice Finder is a positive part of this disruption. Quite simply it makes finding the right voice quick and easy, its a pleasure to use.

    Sam Crowther (Head of Creative at A Million Ads)
  • I truly do believe The Voice Finder will turn the voiceover industry on its head. Now we’re able to find a huge variety of talented artists at a budget that suits all parties, which makes my life that much easier. If I was a voiceover artist, I’d sign up in a flash.

    Rich Leigh (Founder at Radioactive PR)
  • This fun, fresh, site makes looking for VOs easier and saves so much time. With their Advanced search you can pinpoint the style you need with just a few clicks making it simple to find the exact voice you need quickly.

    Sarah Casserley (Producer at Bauer Media)
  • Casting and matching the right voice-over for my clients just got super easy. A modern professional friendly voice directory for post production and agencies. Love it!

    Barry Short (MD at Audiotake Ltd.)
  • Finally, a Voiceover site I can get on board with! Fresh, good looking, and packed full of greatness – but that’s enough about me. The Voice Finder gives me the direct access I need to a wide variety of Voiceover Artists. Top marks.

    Jack Allen (Head of Creative at Innate Creative)

How to become a Voiceover Artist

Becoming a Voiceover Artist may not be as hard as you think. Like anything, it will take work to succeed, but here we’ll take you through some of the key things to think about when looking to get started in the Voiceover industry.

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Industry insights

Ok, so you’re thinking of becoming a Voiceover Artist. But does the world need another Voiceover artist? Let’s take a look at some industry insights that prove there is plenty to go around when it comes to the world of Voiceovers.

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A Producer’s Perspective

It can be all too easy to get entrenched in your own way of thinking sometimes, but it’s important to know what your producer is thinking too. Hear what a big-wig producer has to say about the VO process!

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What experience teaches you

If you’re new to the Voiceover game, take a look at some industry tips from people who have been doing it for yonks. Who knows, maybe you experienced folks could learn a thing or two as well? These eggs are made for sucking.

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