Who are we?

I don't know who you are, but we’re The Voice Finder, and we're dragging the search for voiceovers into the 21st century by the scruff of the neck.

This site is run by a brain-trust of Voiceover Artists and Producers who felt the industry needed a shake up. So here we are, shaking away.

If you’re a voiceover artist looking to put your demo in front of producers, but you’re curious about how we’re doing it, take a look around our site (and these expertly crafted FAQ's), and feel free to get in touch with us with any further questions.

How much is the membership?

Membership for voiceover artists costs just £9.49 per month on a rolling 30 day contract or £99.00 on our annual plan.

If this membership were a bottle of wine, it would be the one you take to dinner parties to pretend you know something about wine. Not too expensive and not too cheap. Just right.

And you don’t need to know anything about wine to join.

How long is the membership?

Our monthly membership works on a 30-day rolling contract and our annual membership is for 12 months.

That means you can pay all upfront  with no need to worry for 12 months or go from month to month with no long-term commitment.



How do I cancel my membership?

If you're on our monthly membership plan just drop us an email at admin@thevoicefinder.com by no later than the 10th of the month and we will cancel your membership.

And because it’s by email, you don’t even have to look at our sad little faces when you do it.

What do I get for my membership?

You want to know you’re getting value for money? Well, hold my beer.

Members get the benefits of:

  • Active weekly marketing that reaches agencies, creatives, producers and writers.
  • A neat, stylish and modern profile you can tailor with your photo, up to 4 audio show-reels, social media links and a bio.
  • Exclusive access to our blog, covering a variety of useful insights for your business, from how to use social media effectively to exclusive industry insights from your potential clients.
  • Bragging. Yes we will brag for you so you don’t have to. Let us know about those VO jobs you’re super proud of and we’ll shout about them from the rooftops.
  • Reminders on updating your voice show-reel every year.

More perks than Hugh Heffner’s bedside table.

What format should I upload my showreel in?

Please upload your Showreel in MP3 format, no larger than 25mb.

25mb is still quite large for an MP3, so don't worry.

Just don't go uploading your 3-hour solo performance of Othello. We've all heard it, and it's really great, but boy-oh-boy it makes for one dry Showreel.

What format should I upload my photo in?

The photo of your beautiful face should be uploaded in either .JPG or .PNG format.

Photos of cute cats should be sent direct to us.

Why is my account not published?

Have you cancelled your membership? That would do it.

Otherwise, the most likely option is that you have not set up your direct debit yet. Once you do that, you’ll be there in plain view, ready for everyone to see!

If you’re still having trouble, feel free to drop us an email and we will see if we can help you out.

Privacy Policy

By all means, use the contact details listed on The Voice Finder to talk to Voiceover artists about your project. Get quotes, talk dates, tell them how you want the perfect blend between laid-back and upbeat. After all, that’s what we’re all here for!

However, you may not use the details provided here to solicit your services. We don’t care if they have to pay for them, or if it’s a fantastic free service. Don’t do it.

Not only will you get a great big wag of our long, long finger, but there could be a whole bunch of other problems for you. Like, legal action kind of problems.

And by ignoring this request, you could even be slapped with a £5,000 fine under UK anti-spam legislation.

Probably best if you just don’t do that then.

If you want to read our full Terms and Conditions, then you can do here.