How to make the most of your profile

October 9, 2017

So, you’ve set up your profile. Top work. That’s the first step completed.

Now you’re just waiting for that work to roll in. You’re waiting… and waiting. Is anyone there? Hello?

 There are producers from all sorts of industries – from radio to podcasts to video games – all scrolling the the listings, but your phone hasn’t rung yet. So what can you do to make sure you’re getting what you need from The Voice Finder? Below, we take a look at some top tips for making the most of your profile!

 1. Show your face

People engage with people, so make sure your profile picture is a nice clear picture of your face.

It sounds like a simple piece of advice, but is often overlooked. When a producer is searching for a VO artist, they want to know that the whole experience is going to be good natured and friendly. If you have a nicely-designed logo, or a stock image of a sunset as your profile picture, you set yourself out as a bit illusive – no matter how nice that logo is.

Remember, they are most likely tucked away in some dark underground studio with no natural daylight. If they see your beaming face shining out in a list of solemn faces and twitter eggs, they will assume you are a friendly person to do business with and pick up the phone.


 2. Make your text engaging

You have three things at your disposal to grab the attention of a scrolling producer. The first is your picture. Next up is your written bio.

If you are cold and unengaging in your written bio, that reflects on you as a person. The producer will assume that the whole experience will be a frosty affair, and steer clear.

Put your personality in what you write. Don’t take yourself too seriously, be conversational… maybe throw in a joke? It’s a better indication of what an interaction with you will be like. 


 3. Put your best showreel first 

The third part of the trifecta that makes up your listing – the showreel is an obviously vital component as it displays your best feature!

Get the first two on this list right and people will click the big blue “Play” button, so you need to make sure the showreel at the top of your list of uploads is the very best it can be. That is the one that plays on the search pages, so it needs to be an accurate representation of your voice.

If you upload a character reel first, but are mainly an RP BBC-style VO artist, then you could be doing yourself out of your bread and butter sort of work. The producer looking for a posho will think you are more of a pirate.

Still upload your other reels, but make sure they are after your main one – when producers click into your full profile, that’s when they can listen to the rest of your uploads.


 4. Be honest

Don’t be tempted to be everything to everyone. You are more likely to get work if you are honest to your particular style.

If you say you can do a fantastic Scottish accent, you may appear in a few more searches. But if you can’t back that up with a credible example somewhere in your showreel, then how are producers supposed to trust that you can indeed do what you say you can?

Likewise, if you put a huge range of ages that you can voice, you may come up in searches for high fashion brands as well as OAP cruises. However, if you cannot actually sound like an urban teen, or a well-seasoned sailor, then all you do is create distrust with that producer.

Once a producer has decided they don’t trust your claims, then they mentally black-list you. The next time you come up in their searches for another project, they will not click your name as they will assume you still can’t do what you are claiming.


5. Promote, promote, promote!

Here at The Voice Finder, we are tirelessly working to get the site in front of as many Production departments as possible. However, a little self promotion will also go a long way!

Let people know about your profile – tweet about it, add the link to your email signature, write the URL on bathroom walls in your local pub… Whatever your preferred method is, if you shout about your profile, you will get more traffic to it. And the more traffic, the more that will convert into work.

It might get in front of some new people this way, or it could jog the memory of a producer you have previously worked with. Any view to your profile increases the opportunity of work.



 The Voice Finder is a great tool for marketing your voice, but no marketing is complete without a little bit of thought and work.

Follow our guide to making the most of your profile, and give it some love, and you should be well on your way to becoming a firm favourite on the site.


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