How To Sound Like A Christmas Elf

December 6, 2017

Here at The Voice Finder, we want to help get you in the festive spirit (although you’ve probably been voicing Christmas ads for months already).

That’s why we’ve put together a quick-and-easy guide to processing your voice to sound like one of Santa’s little helpers!

Most producers will want their voice sessions for Christmas ads recorded without any processing, however you might want to use this for your own personal projects, to help improve your grasp on audio editing software) or even just for a bit of fun while you wait for those January Sales scripts to come in!



1. Record your take 

In your chosen editing software (for this I’m using Adobe Audition, pretty standard fare, but there are plenty of options out there), record or open up your pre-recorded take.

Here is what our dry voice take sounds like:


 2. Apply Pitch Shifter

In the Effects Rack on the left, add the Pitch Shifter effect.


3. Play Around

This is the fun bit. Experiment with the settings to see what effect it has on the take.

The Semi-tones slides with make the big changes to pitch – the higher the number, the higher the pitch – and the Cents fine tunes that tone, which can be really useful when you’re trying to match the key of the take to that of the music bed.

The other thing to play with are the precision settings. For an elf sound, you want this set to High Precision, which will make it sound as natural as possible, though I recommend trying out low precision just for fun – always useful to know about if you need a robot voice in the future!

For this example, I set the Semi-tones slider to 8, and the Cents slider to 90, but play around with your settings until you get a sound you are happy with.


4. Apply

Don’t forget to apply the Effects Rack, otherwise you will just end up saving out your initial take, without its festive cheer.





Here is what our take sounds like after getting the elf treatment:


Now you have the power, enjoy responsibly. 

And enjoy Christmas too of course.

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