Interview – Niki & Aishah at Red Apple Creative

February 18, 2019

When the weather is cold like it has been recently The Voice Finder team wants nothing more than to sit down with a lovely hot cup of hot chocolate and chat with some top notch creatives.

This month we talked with two awesome ladies – Niki & Aishah at Red Apple Creative.

What roles do you play at Red Apple?

Niki – I’m the Audio Production Manager

Aishah – I’m the Integrated Producer – we’re project managers.

What is day to day life like at Red Apple?

Niki – We look after casting, music selection, studio bookings and managing creatives schedules. It’s great fun and we get to work on varying projects from commercials to podcasts and sometimes the odd audio drama.

What types of production are you project managing?

Aishah – At the moment mostly commercials on radio and Spotify

What do you enjoy most when working with a voice over artist?

Niki – A voice over who is friendly, understanding and accommodating when it comes to client requests or potential changes that arise out of our control.

Aishah – Someone that takes direction well and listens and is able to adapt.

What bugs you about working with a voice over artist?

Aishah – A voice over that is rude or late without explanation / apology and unwilling to cooperate i.e. refusing to do another take in a recording session.

Whats your most embarrassing moment as a project manager?

Niki – We once played an ad to a voiceover, thinking it was them from the previous year, only to be told it was not them voicing the ad.

Can you share any big plans/news Red Apple has?

Niki – The revolution is coming – follow up on Twitter for regular updates.

Do you use The Voice Finder?

Aishah – Yes we’ve used it a couple of times now.

Do you think The Voice Finder is good or bad for the industry?

Niki – It’s good because we have direct contact with the voice over, as opposed to an agency, which hopefully will get them more work.

Whats your tip for a voice over artist?

Aishah – To be as flexible and accommodating as you can be – if you do us a favour, we’ll do you a favour and be in our good books / one of our go-to people for upcoming projects / campaigns.



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