John Rose – Hot Rocking Radio

May 11, 2018

This month we spoke with a top diamond geezer producer… Mr John Rose.


How did you become a producer?


My first start in creative production was in the late 70’s creating my own radio shows and jingles, using 2 tape recorders, a pause button and record players.


What projects have you most enjoyed being involved with & why?


I’ve worked on some great imaging projects where the client is open for innovative ideas – especially like the projects without the use of ‘The Hit Music Channel’ ‘The best music Variety’ and those other awful cliched tag lines.


How do you prefer to work with a voiceover… ISDN, source connect, MP3 or in the studio with you?


All good with me!


What turns you off from working with a VO?


The ones with the take it or leave it attitude especially when it comes to price – and then send you their weekly availability email.


Do you think The Voice Finder is making a positive impact on the industry?


I do – it has a more realistic user friendly approach and support for voice-overs – some of the other VO Agencies are only interested if you used to appear in the Bill, Doctors or a low budget film noir.


You work with companies in Spain, do they work different compared to the UK & America?


They are – quick turn-around, keen on price and quality work is absolutely essential! 


Do you have a secret party trick?


I do – but not for this platform 🙂


Tell us something interesting…


90% of the most important work in imaging and comprod is in the scripting– you can have 20 University degrees in music production, 200 plugins, more wizzes and bangs than the London New Year Fireworks plus the edgiest voice in the industry – doesn’t mean a thing to the listener – it’s what you say that matters to them


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