Creating Your Showreel (Pt.2) – By Rich O’Donoghue

Creating Your Showreel (Pt.2) – By Rich O’Donoghue

June 29, 2018

Your showreel may vary in length, anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 seconds. There’s no point making a showreel to 90 seconds just for the sake of it! If you have material that showcases everything you can do within 3 or 4 edits, then just use these. On the flip side I also don’t like leaving material out just for the sake of it. If I hear an edit that stands out from your usual work and I think it might gain you work in another area, then it stays in. How long the edits are is also important. You don’t want to bore the listener but also you don’t want to rush through edits so that we don’t hear them properly.

You also don’t have to cram everything into one showreel! Have as many showreels as you need to show what you can do. You could have a character or commercial and then a showreel that highlights the fact you do college work or that you are a native brummie! I always suggest keeping your work separate. The reason being is that if I go onto a voice website and type into the search bar ‘corporate’ and your ‘corporate’ work is hidden in your e-learning reel, then I’m going to miss it and you are going to potentially miss out on work.

“Shall I use branded names in my showreel?” A question I often get asked. Personally, I don’t write scripts with branded names as I want to be truthful to my clients and it’s not on the top of my list anyway. Some voices ask to have branded names and so I negotiate on this. In my honest opinion, from a producer’s perspective, it wouldn’t make much difference if I heard ‘Virgin Media’ in your showreel. I’m listening to hear that you believe in what you’re voicing, be it ‘virgin media’ or ‘Freddie’s Fish Shop’. I’m also listening for variety, diversity and if you are someone that can be directed as I may be able to use you for something you haven’t voiced before.

To recap, explore the possibility of coaching and spend time thinking about where your voice suits best. Try not to create your own showreels, this is your business so invest wisely, the benefits you will gain from being directed will be priceless. Entertain and inform with your showreel, show them what you’ve got. Be open to guidance and direction from your coach/producer, they will bring the out the best of you. Update your reels on a regular basis and compare work from 6 month ago to track your progress. Remember to use your voice, your body and the microphone as your instruments, learn how to play them properly as this is what we hear/feel as listeners.

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